Our Packages

To learn more about which models apply for DIY packages, send us an email.

Pool Shell Delivery

We sell just the pool shell with delivery. Add pool equipment to complete the DIY kit packet.

Full Installation

Our basic full installation packet comes with dig, drop, set, plumb and backfill. Complete your packet with a turn-key project by adding masonry and electrical services.

Assisted Installation

We offer contractor and hands-on customers the opportunity to save thousands of dollars by purchasing a DIY kit (pool shell and equipment delivered) with technical assistance and hands-on guidance by a professional.

Pool Kit Packet

Our Pool Kit “DIY” (do it yourself) packet includes the pool shell, pool freight, and standard pool equipment package delivered to our customer’s front door. We provide our customers with a comprehensive list of plans, materials for plumbing, electric, and dig specifications to help guide them on the path to a successful self-project. Most of our Pool Kit customers are out of state buyers who outsource local installers or contractor friends to help save thousands on the installation compared to local companies.

Dig Drop Set Plumb

Our DDSP Package (Dig Drop Set Plumb) is our most popular packet that we offer. This package includes a full installation including excavation, plumbing, backfill, and a hydrostatic relief protector along with the pool, pool freight, and pool delivery. On average, our DDSP projects take between 1 to 7 days depending on the township inspection scheduling. We provide our customers with reputable referral companies who work within our timeframe to help complete their project on time including the masonry and electrical services.

Assisted Installation

Looking to save money by outsourcing different parts of your project? Our assisted installation packet might be the best fit for you! Our assisted customers hire an electrician and masonry company outside of Sundeck Pools, and pay for laborers to come and assist them with the installation while being responsible for the excavation machinery, stone, water, plumbing and other materials on site. Our assisted customers also pull their own township permits for their swimming pool project and act as Project Manager.

Choosing the Right Package

Our pool experts are there to guide you and your family every step of the way, especially when you are choosing which package is right for you. Only you know your skill set and expertise for a DIY packet, however, we can recommend hiring us for a professional assisted installation to give you that extra boost of confidence, to know that your pool has been installed to manufacturer standards.

Our Tips

Assess Your Knowledge and Expertise for DIY

Do you have previous construction experience and/or are you a licensed contractor that has experience with excavation and plumbing? If not, you can always subcontract portions of your project to save cost or hire Sundeck Pools for a full and/or assisted install!

Are you looking to save cost by subcontracting or are you looking for one contractor to see your project through?

We don’t push our customers to hire us for full installation projects, instead, we guide them to make the best decision for them and their family! If that means purchasing a pool kit directly and subcontracting contractors in their area who may offer a better price, we are all for it!

Look into financing your full installation project and pay in installments rather than a lump sum!

One of the unique qualities of Sundeck Pools is that we offer 0% down 100% financing for our customers. Where many pool companies will seek $10,000 upfront, our contracts through financing are contingent upon approval and the receival of funds. You don’t pay until you receive the money, not just a financing approval!