How to Choose the Right Pool Equipment

Choosing the right pool equipment for your project is particularly important when it comes to the size of the pool, the amount of gallons the pool holds, and the amount of pressure the pool needs for the water to circulate properly. We provide equipment packages that are sized appropriately for our customers pool model so they can have an energy efficient pool. Our job is to make you feel confident and comfortable in making the ultimate decision and investment that will last you a lifetime. We help our customers come up with a package that fits their family best, whether that means including a hand rail, ladder, or other items in the package to make their project unique and special.

Pool Pump

Our Standard Equipment Package comes with a pump sized to the pool. For our Premier Package, customers can upgrade to a Variable-Speed Pump for a low cost.

Pool Lights

Our Standard Equipment Package includes 1-Large MultiColor Low Voltage LED Light with 6-color changing patterns. Our Premier Package includes 3 Smaller LED-Multi Color Lights and a Light Remote.

Pool Sanitation

Our Standard Equipment Package and our most popular sanitation request is the Mineral Sanitation System. Most customers opt to upgrade to a Salt Sanitation System for the Premier Package for the soft-water.

Pool Filter

Our Standard Equipment Package comes with a Sand Filter although our suburban customers often opt to upgrade to the Cartridge Filter Premier Package.

Pool Skimmer and Returns

Every pool comes with a Skimmer and returns sized to the pool, usually 2-3. Large pools often have 3-4 returns.

Pool Main Drains

The Standard Equipment Package comes with a set of 2 VGB compliant and safe main drains that sit 3' apart on the backside of the pool wall. It is not uncommon for smaller fiberglass pools to not have drains installed.